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New Users Setup
Registration and Setup - Overview of the application for new users   Write Source Online Tutorial
Current Users   Data Management
Batch Import – Edit existing student accounts   User Management Guide Section 6.2: Update via Import
Promote – Retain students’ existing Portfolio data and promote pupils within a school or schools to the next grade level   User Management Guide Section 5.0: Promote Students
Purge and Import – Remove and discard students’ Portfolio data from the previous academic year by requesting a user purge; new accounts can then be imported

Note: Recommended for users with low or minimal usage in year 1
  Submit requests to:usermaintenance-esd@hmhpub.com

Batch Import Templates and Validation Rules

Establishing Single-Sign On Accounts - Maneuver between Journeys and/or Holt McDougal Literature applications from within Write Source with the use of a single username and password   Single-Sign On Guide
Turnitin   Usage, Renewal, and Support
Using Turnitin
Note: Information regarding access will be sent to your District Administrator
  Turnitin/Write Source Online Tutorials
Turnitin/Write Source Online Administrator Manual
Turnitin/Write Source Online Teacher Manual
Turnitin/Write Source Online Student Manual
Renewing Turnitin

Note: Users with access to Turnitin prior to 6/1/2012 received separate communication with renewal instructions. Please contact your HMH Sales Representative if you have any questions.
Turnitin support   1.866.816.5046 – Main
1.866.816.5046 – Ext. 241 for Administrators and Instructors only


Technical Support and Additional Resources   Access and Renewal
Write Source FAQ’s, user guides, and other information   Write Source Technical Support website
Write Source videos and tutorials, please visit   hmhelearning.com
HMH Technical Support for all other Write Source inquiries   1.800.323.9239