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Debby Oliver
Event Recording

Are You Curious? Establishing a Professional Learning Network


Duration 44 minutes
Personal and Professional Learning Networks (PLN) are a tremendous resource for gathering information, sharing best practices, expanding your knowledge base—and fueling your curiosity. Thanks to social media and new avenues of communication, we have the opportunity to expand our networks online to embrace people who we normally might not meet. And the best part is, you don’t have to be a technology wizard to do so. Join Educational Professional Development expert (and fellow curiosity seeker) Dr. Debby Oliver as she shares some simple steps to developing your own online PLN.

Mike Heithaus
Event Recording

Science Adventures: Inspiring a Lifetime of Curiosity

Duration: 58 minutes
From Australia to Miami, coral reefs to classrooms, Dr. Mike Heithaus is a passionate ambassador for marine and aquatic predators—including sharks, alligators, and sea turtles—and an outstanding teacher and science enthusiast.

We are pleased to announce Mike will be the host of our upcoming Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Curiosity Series Webinar, focused on what’s new, exciting, and (nearly) unbelievable in the world of marine science.

John De Mado
Event Recording

In Search of Language
How Does the Human Mind Create and Acquire Language?

Duration: 57 minutes
What exactly is this enigmatic commodity known as ‘language’? And how does the human mind create and acquire it?

Join John De Mado, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt World Languages contributing author, for an insightful and entertaining look at the logistics behind language. Be prepared to laugh heartily and to reflect profoundly!

Regina Hellinger
Event Recording

Curiosity: The Key to Problem Solving and Empowered Choices

We all know curiosity leads us to ask questions. But what about finding answers? Let curiosity lead you to new ways of thinking.

Life balance expert Regina Hellinger will help us to:

  • Use creative thinking to get “unstuck” when faced with difficult decision making
  • Unleash the power of “right-side” thinking
  • Embrace a new way to approach life!




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